“Sometimes the clearest vision comes from those who are outside looking in”

About Us.
What do we do?

We provide expert help to organisations of all sizes in the food, beverage and retail travel sector to challenge their thinking and create and deliver business success.

What's unique about us?

Together we provide a deep knowledge pool for you to draw from. We are all independent, highly experienced, straight talking professionals who have been at the sharp end in our respective fields of expertise. We have no bureaucratic hierarchy or expensive overheads. Each partner is a leader in their own right so we can quickly get you talking to the person best placed to help in terms of both time and expertise.

Our 7 point process
  1. Listen carefully to your needs

  2. Draw relevant resource/knowledge from the knowledge pool

  3. Conduct a free headline review

  4. Agree the scope and deliverables of the work required

  5. Plan project timelines and critical path

  6. Implement and monitor progress

  7. Review results



Our Team.

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The Hayward Partnership

Lynnem House,

1 Victoria Way,

Burgess Hill, 

West Sussex,

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Tel: +44 (0)7725 978483

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