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“Sometimes the clearest vision comes from those who are outside looking in”

About Us

What do we do?

The Hayward Partnership is a global team of independent industry and industry-relevant experts that provide ‘Boutique’ consultancy services for the Travel Catering and Retail Industry.


As a ‘virtual’ team, we offer flexibility and the ability to tailor and optimise resource based on the specific needs of each project.


Our primary motivation is to exceed our customers expectations as our business growth and reputation are dependent on client recommendations.

What's unique about us?

Together we provide a deep knowledge pool for you to draw from. We are all independent, highly experienced, straight talking professionals who have been at the sharp end in our respective fields of expertise. We have no bureaucratic hierarchy or expensive overheads.


Each partner is a leader in their own right so we can quickly get you talking to the person best placed to help in terms of both time and expertise.

Our 7 point process

  1. Listen carefully to your needs

  2. Draw relevant resource/knowledge from the knowledge pool

  3. Conduct a free headline review

  4. Agree the scope and deliverables of the work required

  5. Plan project timelines and critical path

  6. Implement and monitor progress

  7. Review results



Our Team


Top Row (Left to Right): Michael Palij, Robert Shepherd, Roy Wilson, Stephen Roe, Mike Pooley, Stuart McGuire, Alyna Trotman, Damon Stanton, Alan Coates

Bottom Row (Left to Right): Edwin Lim, Adele Wolstenhulme, Lance Hayward, Sandra Pineau-Boddison, Jaclyn McGuire

Disappointed not to be in the picture: Anne De Hauw, Jenny Hope, Jo Chapman, Steve Buckley

Business sectors where we can add value include: 

Airlines, Rail Companies, Cruise LinesFlight Caterers (Commercial and Private/Executive Jet), Flight RetailersRetail ConcessionairesAirport Retailers, Airport Food and Beverage, Rail Caterers, Rail Retailers, Cruise RetailersSuppliers to the Travel Catering and Retailing Industry


Business Sectors

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