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Anne De Hauw

Founder of IN Air Travel Experience

Anne De Hauw is the Founder of IN Air Travel Experience, a customer experience curator and innovation accelerator for airlines, with strong focus on (environmental) sustainability.

Travel and lifestyle have always been Anne’s key drivers. Her fashion marketing and business administration education took her to Paris, New York and Firenze, and after having achieved experience in retail at luggage multinational Samsonite and in duty free at pearl jeweller Misaki for 6 years, she entered the airline catering market early 2008.

Both as VP Innovation and Customer Experience at global caterer Gategroup, Anne has accumulated 12 years experience in the aviation sector and more than 17 years in creative product development & brand strategy. Her key areas of expertise are designing and delivering customer-centric solutions that enhance the travel experience. Anne has set-up the Gategroup innovation centre of excellence and led product development, marketing, key campaigns, innovation and transformational programs in both B2B and B2C environments. Anne has been member of the Board of Directors of Servair.

In April 2018, Anne founded IN Air Travel Experience to help airlines transform into customer-centric, sustainable and dramatically different travel experience providers.

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