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Charlie Knight

Director and Founder at Plug In Brands

With over 13 years experience within the consumer brand space, he has been a founding member of 2 successful brand launches, Oppo Ice Cream and Mr Lee's Noodles, the latter going global where he led the strategy in Australia, EU and USA. An effective Global Sales Director with Blue Chip and SME experience in companies such as Adidas, Compass and Itsu. He rapidly developed his broader commercial knowledge, gaining increased responsibility and launching new products and businesses within challenging industries across the world. Ability to manage large budgets and deliver attractive P&Ls across all sectors of FMCG. A breath of cross functional knowledge in 3 continents. Starting his career in business development, he now runs across sales, marketing, trade marketing, e-commerce and brand development within the retail, wholesale, retail and export markets. 


An excellent communicator with highly developed team working skills, used to connecting with a wide range of people and cultures. A natural leader and people manager who is able to get the best out of a team. A fast learner, keen to take on new challenges and training opportunities, managing them effectively, on top of a considerable workload, with efficiency and humour.

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