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Damon Stanton

Director - Recknor

Damon has literally walked 'end to end' through the supply chain and customer journey of aviation over the past 25 years. After formally training in hospitality and tourism he took to the skies as cabin crew and has never lost his passion for the front line of service delivery. He then moved upstream and worked in flight catering for Alpha Flight Services, learning from some of the best in the business about the operational and commercial aspects of one of the most fast paced and demanding supply chains in the world. In 1998 he took all of this with him to Virgin Atlantic where he spent the next 20 years working across the Virgin Group in various functions and was often drafted into key projects for his energy and enthusiasm, as much as his technical skills and knowledge. Working along the ways with; trains, planes and even space ships his focus has always been on; creating the ultimate guest experience by managing the product and empowering people to deliver great service.


He's happy to be called 'a fluffy' but his experience also includes; developing strategy and delivering operational performance through business change. His other hard skills include specialist knowledge in; food, drink, in-flight product and aircraft interior design. He also has extensive experience of new product development, project delivery, procurement and supply chain. He's openly positive and embraces innovative thinking, through the development of new concepts and ideas. His commercial focus drives him to be results orientated and he has an instinctive understanding of group dynamics and the human elements required to manage change successfully. Naturally creative and open minded, blended with analytical thinking; he motivates individuals and teams, leading with assured belief, confidence and integrity.


Damon left Virgin Australia last year to work on various business development initiatives and passion projects. He still works closely with the Virgin Australia Group and has several business interests with a common set of values based on; health/ well being, charitable support and sustainable business practices. He's Brisbane based and when he's not running, swimming or cycling he's happy to help other people achieve their goals in business and life.

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