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Kai Kosicki

Founder of ExpAir

Kai is the founder of ExpAir, an Inflight Consulting company focusing on optimizing the onboard experience at the lowest possible cost. 


Innovation and new technological processes have always been Kai´s drivers. After obtaining a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in Germany, Kai entered the airline world in 1991. For over 18 years he held a number of middle and senior management positions within the Lufthansa Group. This experience allowed him to build his expertise and focus on the analysis and improvement of processes through technological innovations. 


During his assignment as Business Development Director at LSG SkyChefs, Kai organized the first buy on board models in Latin America for airline customers. Along with his team, he managed the introduction of the first sustainable food equipment made of sugarcane to the industry which was initially implemented at TAM airlines. In the following years he set up a Customer Experience Organization at Sky Airline contributing as a Director for the change of business model to LCC. 


Since the creation of ExpAir in 2016, Kai has enabled the implementation of several buy on board models in Latin America. He represents leading European service suppliers helping them to increase their exposure in the Americas Region.

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