Mike Pooley

MD - Purpose Made Solutions

This year, Mike will celebrate 40 years in a career that has spanned the world and enabled him to offer a deep and valuable insight into the mechanics of business, successful leadership, and the performance of winning teams of all sizes and ambitions. 

His experience encompasses the Hotel and Hospitality sector, International supply chain management for leading food service brands and nearly 20 years as a senior manager with the gategroup culminating in leading their Asia Pacific division for 4 years until 2013.

Since 2013 he has run his own Company advising on business and core product development and strategic programmes as well as providing executive coaching in support of food, service, travel, and lifestyle brands. He is currently retained as a senior advisor by CEOs of ambitious and dynamic businesses and uses all his career knowledge to bring value and acumen to their planned projects and supporting the prioritisation to their investments.

His customer base has included businesses as large as DHL to SMEs at various points in their growth curve requiring specialist support in breaking into new territories and diversifying their portfolios.

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