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Roy Wilson

Director - Executive Talent Search
The Hayward Partnership

Roy has been involved with the in-flight catering business throughout his working life, spending the early part of his career in operations with Trust House Forte running passenger services and catering outlets at airports across the UK.  He then moved to Gatwick and became involved with the in-flight catering and logistics sector. His career developed and he managed a number of flight kitchens in the UK and in Holland. Other career moves within Alpha saw him lead sales and commercial teams and business development, before becoming start-up lead on a number of large new business ventures. He has also worked in the industry for a food manufacturing and an equipment design and production company.

Everywhere he has worked he has been keen to ensure that he had a good mix of team players with different strengths.  He also worked to develop the individual skills of team members and gained great satisfaction from seeing them grow in their careers. He was a partner in Sterling Bridge with two colleagues and has been involved in executive search and consultancy to the airline and railway sectors for the past fifteen years. Roy is now happy to be back working with Lance in the Hayward Partnership with the newly-established Executive Talent Search, Placement and Mentoring business while continuing his consultancy projects.

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