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Sandra Pineau-Boddison

Founder and MD - SPB Consulting

Sandra is currently working as an independent aviation and onboard services consultant and as a senior advisor with a leading management consulting firm.  She serves on the judging panel for the prestigious Onboard Hospitality Awards and is President and board member of the International Flight Services Association Foundation.

Sandra utilizes her experience and knowledge to collaborate with all key functions and levels of an organization to identify innovative opportunities, develop comprehensive strategy and implement positive change.  Sandra is a proven thought leader who achieves results for airline, food service, travel, catering and hospitality industries seeking expert assistance in creating a premier customer experience.

Sandra is a highly accomplished senior executive with more than 26 years of success in the airline industry. Throughout her executive career, she has held key corporate leadership roles most recently as Senior Vice President, Customers at United Airlines.  In that role, she focused on delivering an industry-leading travel experience with responsibility for the carrier’s customer experience, customer contact centers, food services and lounges with a total of 8,000 employees.  Prior leadership roles include Senior Vice President United Express, Vice President Customer Contact Centers and Vice President Food Services.

Sandra brings to the Hayward Partnership extensive global expertise in change management, employee relations/engagement, marketing, contract negotiation, customer service, performance programs, financial planning and project management.  She is extremely passionate about engaging and empowering employees to take excellent care of customers every day. 

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