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Simon Soni

Founder of Simon Soni Consulting

Simon is a well-known change maker in the industry. With over three decades of industry experience spanning five diverse airlines across three continents, he has proudly led teams in propelling the airline and hospitality industry forward.
This wealth of expertise has honed Simon’s ability to discern emerging trends, grasp market demands, and craft innovative strategies for execution that consistently surpass expectations.


Simon’s journey in this dynamic industry commenced with an unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled customer service. Throughout the years, he moved on from experience in the hotel sector to holding pivotal positions within airlines, each contributing a distinctive viewpoint and enriching the depth of his knowledge.


Simon is a member of the IFSA Foundation Board, a judge for the Onboard Hospitality Awards, and a former treasurer of the IFSA Executive Board and WTCE Advisory Board. In his most recent role at WestJet he led an innovative cross-industry team in developing and implementing the award-winning Spirit of Canada inflight service. 


Simon firmly believes in the perpetual potential for refining product, process and procedures to support both customer and staff retention, a conviction that propels his current role as an independent consultant dedicated to the evolution and enrichment of guest and employee journeys and experiences.

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